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This printer from Canon supports AirPrint and can even go cordless with an optional battery! With a seemingly endless ink supply, this all-in-one from Epson is sure to get the job done- no discoloration from lack of toner or inadequate ink is anywhere in the near future.

With support for printing, scanning, and copying you'll be more than prepared to take on any office task.

Offering doubled-sided printing, all-in-one features, and the ever important wireless printing capability, this HP workhorse will be able to hack it at home, work, or anywhere in between. It's a sturdy design that won't gobble up too much space. Featured with flexible connectivity and high-quality output, this monochrome laser printer offered by The Brother is extremely easy to set up and allows you to print two-sided documents easily and super fact — up to 27 PPM pages per minute which is hard to reach for traditional inkjet printers.

Do you already have a printer or want to know the best way to make use of the one you're going to get? PCMag has a great write-up on how to make the most of your printer and will show you exactly what you've been missing out on. There you'll find a collection of hacks on how to printer sharper photos, keep your printer nozzles clear, and more. First time setting up the printer and connecting with your MacBook Pro? Apple has a detailed guide on how to do this step by step, in case anything goes wrong. Whether you've decided to shop a laser printer or inkjet printer, be sure to take a glance at these essential maintenance tips contributed by Hugh Wilson from The Telegraph.

For example, put it in the right location, read the manual before use, keep the software up to date, etc.

Top 5 Printers for Mac. What Is the Best Printer in

Whether you're printing for work, school, or leisure, you deserve a printer that doesn't force you to the brink of frustration every time you want to print from your laptop. The best printer will reduce inconvenience in your work rather than add to it, and there are certainly plenty available. We've shown you a few of our favorites, now tell us yours! Leave a comment below and share what printer has worked best with your MacBook Pro. Quick Summary Need a brief overview of where to look? Here are a few quick recommendations: If you need something semi-portable but don't plan to use it for anything beyond simply printing pages, the Canon PIXMA iP Wireless Printer is a great bet because it's small, light, and simple.

Epson Expression ET EcoTank will last you for thousands and offers tank refills that will save you money while allowing you to print on a variety of page types and sizes. It's a great desktop companion and will work flawlessly with all your devices. Prefer a laser printer for clarity and volume over an inkjet one? You won't go wrong with Brother HLDW Compact , which has a built-in wireless and ethernet network and allows you to print up to 27 pages per minute.

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Learn More on Amazon. Inkjet printers are ideal for home use. On the other hand, laser printers are the best choice for business and office use. However, the affordable laser printers are monochrome and will not be useful in printing colored documents. Color laser jet printers are more expensive. The initial cost is not all that you will spend on when it comes to having a printer.

Connect to WiFi Printer on Mac

You will still need to set aside money to buy paper and ink or powder. Many companies are very cunning. They sell the printers at a very affordable initial cost only to make the maintenance very expensive. The ink cartridges of such companies tend to be expensive. Before buying a printer do a research about the cost of replacing supplies.

Specifically, consider how the cartridges are to be replaced. Can the cartridges be refilled or must one replace them with new ones? Refilling with ink is much cheaper but some printer makers have chips that track the ink and toner life making it difficult to refill the cartridges.

When the cartridge replacement is expensive, consider getting a printer that will cost a lot in the initial cost but will be cheap in supply costs. Look at the ink plans on offer by different printer makers. For instance, Brother printers come with several cartridges reducing the time from purchase to buying new cartridges while Canon and Epson have ink tank models with bottles that can be refilled with ink. HP on the other hand has an Instant Ink program where users are sent ink as soon as the cartridges run dry. This comes with a promise of printing a certain number of pages at a set monthly fee.

Mac users often find it hard to get a wireless printer that has high-quality output. This is majorly due to compatibility.

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But wireless printers provide professionals with the option of printing from anywhere and that is why many people prefer them. Laser printers are the best choice for bulk printing and when you want the final product to have crisp text and images.

Which Mac Printer Is Right For You?

These kind of printers may cost more upfront and take longer to heat up than inkjet printers but they are the best in quality printing. Laser printers make printing per sheet cheaper than inkjet. What is the best laser printer for Mac? These are perfect for both home and office use thanks to the fast print speeds and heat up time.

Inkjet printers are more cost-saving than laser printers. They may not be the best for handling high volume printing but inkjet printers get the job done even if it is high impact printing you want. With an inkjet printer, you will be able to print more pages for less and conveniently. What are the best inkjet printers for Mac?

This is a printer that has more than printing capabilities. It is able to copy, scan and at times fax documents. All in one printers are also called Multifunction printers MFP.

The List of the Best Printers for Mac Users

Office users will be interested in printing text more than images. For home printing, photo quality is your main concern. Inkjets print photos best but you need to get a printer that can print from multiple sources including memory cards, cameras, slides, USB drives, film strips and photographic prints. Wireless printers for Mac provide convenience and the chance to print without having to handle too many cables. The accidents caused by tripping on the cable will be a thing of the past. With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, these printers make it easy to print from iPhones, iPads and other Mac devices.

Wireless printers can be ideal for both home and office use. There are many printers out there that claim to be the best for Mac. When choosing be clear about what you want. Only choose a printer that will allow you do all the printing that you need. Remember that what is perfect for home is not perfect for business and vice versa.

Be very critical of a machine before you buy it. We hope this guide was helpful to you. Please log in again. The login page will open in a new window. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Written by John. Best Printer for Mac Some Considerations to Bear in Mind Duplex Printing This is the ability of the printer to print on both sides of a paper fed into it. Color Printing Are you interested in printing documents that are perfect in black and white or do you want to print pie charts or photos that rely on color to make sense?